Do Your Dream

Travel nursing means I spend a lot of time being a tourist and living out of Rubbermaid containers 8-10 months out of the year. I am always in search of amazing regional food, local & cultural activities and making new friends. Thank you Yelp and TripAdvisor!

When the opportunity arises, not only do I try to immerse myself in the region, culture, art and cuisine of the local area but I like advancing my skills as a baker and cook, taking classes that are significant to the locale. Then the real joy is re-creating and sharing my new food experiences and skills with co-workers, family and friends. Food has a unique language all its own and it provides a common ground that people can enjoy and relate to.

I drag my hand-written recipes in two pretty blue recipe boxes with me on the road everywhere. “Oh, what are those, you say? I’ll explain later”… but it’s something that us “old broads used before Pinterest, Tasty and All Recipes came along.

Staying healthy and fit as a travel nurse is challenging but the real challenge is when you’re constantly fighting menopause, genetics and the burning desire to eat every damn sweet thing available in a 25-100-mile radius. Under Recipe Box you will find healthy recipes and some that are bad as hell for the waste-line and for that reason I will rate them (Very Good, Good, and Oh shit, Hide the Scale!).

A few years ago, I completely embarked on my minimalist lifestyle and took a six-month unpaid sabbatical leave from Travel nursing to relearn self-care along with a lil’ sprinkle of fairy dust called “self-love” and rekindled my passions for writing and art.

I recently opened my first Etzy Shop where I can sell my art I’ve been creating in my Art Studio. I feel that I have a new purpose in life and want to inspire others to use “Artsightful Meditation and Creation”, a technique I have developed while learning to find a healthier way to deal with the physical and psychological stressors that I encounter working in the healthcare environment and I can’t wait to share!

If that isn’t enough, I’ve dusted off the cobwebs on all those stories tucked in big white binders and assorted notebooks collecting on my desk at my Gma (Grandma) Pod in Wisconsin and will be sharing some of the shenanigans rolling around in my head and how I’m getting those stories published.

My blog is in memory of my Grandma, aka (Gma) Pronounced…( Jee- ma) She was instrumental in encouraging me to live my dreams no matter what others “think“, “feel” or “want” me to do.

Sometimes, when I’m driving down the highway with thousands of miles between destinations, I can still picture her next to me in that huge, hard top 1959 Ford, as she drove us to the lake cottage. All the windows down, and her hair tightly wrapped in a colorful scarf all “Hollywood Style”, eyebrows painted on, barely visible above her eye glasses. She turns and smiles at me, her “baker hands” tightly gripping the wheel as we flew down the highway while the sweet smell of freshly mowed  hay fields filled the swirling air around us“.

It’s the simple pleasure of the journey no matter how long the road may be. We all have our own path and those we will meet along the way but ultimately it drives us to our final destination. Do Your Dream!

I hope you enjoy my Blog about My Travel, My Life, My Art, My Food. I will have a lot of pretty cool pictures, some really fun and heartwarming stories, self-discovery tips, art you can buy and recipes you can try. And as long as it takes you to drink your morning coffee, eat your lunch at work, sneak quiet time during the kid’s or hubby’s nap-time, sitting in a tree stand somewhere freezing your bum, trying to stay calm while waiting in line at the DMV or just killing time on the shitter. I will be here.

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