About Me

Roxane “Rox” Doyle

Hi Everybody!

I’ve been a closet, want-to-be blogger for over a decade. However, according to one of my sons-in-law, “Blogging is dead”. It’s not dead, but it’s a trend that keeps changing and change is something some people are willing to hide in closets to avoid. (sheepish grin) I have always prided myself as one that lives life differently than most, staying about one-half step ahead of the current trends. And I might just know people, who know people, who can back that shit up! Maybe Vlogging will be my next big challenge, but for now you will have to catch me on the Vintage Internet side of things.

I have spent the past several years dormant, digging my heels in with the “what ifs”, self-doubt and my Libra-istic traits. I finally went all cliche’ on myself and said, “Girl, Get Those Big Ass Granny Pants On…and Go for It!” So, here we are…. consider this my coming out party and you just arrived without hors d’oeuvres, but you did bring the wine. Welcome, you have just joined my circle of trust. (smile)

Several years ago, about 4 years to be exact. I completely embarked on my minimalistic lifestyle and took a six-month unpaid sabbatical leave from Travel nursing to relearn self-care along with a lil’ sprinkle of fairy dust called “self-love” and rekindled my passions for writing and art.

Erma Bombeck and Lorna Landvik inspired my writing style and if you like humor, a little satire, self-discovery and heartwarming stories you’re going to love reading my blog. As a travel nurse and life-learner, I have always been weaving great stories from my crazy adventures and the people I’ve met along the way. And if I had a dollar for every time someone told me, “You should write a book!” I could of have bought one of those coveted Green Bay Packer season tickets by now. But seriously… the only thing wrong with that picture is… I like to practice Snowbirding and would freeze my ass off during those “Frozen Tundra” games, “just say in”.

That being said, I’ve dusted off the cobwebs on all those stories tucked in big white binders and assorted notebooks collecting on my desk here in Wisconsin and I’m ready to share some of the shenanigans rolling around in my head!

As a child, I spent most of my free time reading, painting, baking with my Suzy Homemaker baking oven and daydreaming of traveling the world. I really had some stinky chores growing up on the pastural lands of Wisconsin and “free time” was a REAL thing growing up. I would save up my meager earnings of $0.25 a week and when I had enough money, I would go to the local dime store (a shop selling cheap ass stuff originally for the maximum price of a dime much like our 99 Cent and Dollar Stores today but without inflation) and buy more paint supplies, a few pieces of penny candy, and maybe some baking mixes I could bake with 100 watt lightbulb. Hey, it was up town high rent y’all!

Adulthood came early for me, therefore, my dream to attend college and become a graphic artist was set aside to raise my family and make a living. I would channel my primitive instinct to create by providing handmade gifts or work on home decorating, children, and community projects. Later, my five children would leave the nest and I would throw myself into my career while exploring the United States, coast-to-coast, splitting time between working and my G-Pod to rest until my next adventure.

I had a little more time to create, and I opened my first Etsy shop to sell some of my artwork. But then later realized that maybe making art would be my coveted hobby and not a business.

My life is much different today than it was during my Gma’s (Grandma’s) lifetime journey here on Earth. Her only classroom had been her mother’s kitchen and the 8 years of formal education. She was one of 14 children, born a few short years before the Great Depression to German-Russian immigrants. Societal expectations growing up in her day were much different than mine. She always admired my strength and courage to care for others all the while traveling alone, which was something she felt would have been frowned upon in her day.

We would drink coffee in her modest kitchen while she busied herself with baking or cooking something incredibly delicious. Once again, I might just know people, who know people, who can back that shit up! She was amazing in the kitchen, it was her kingdom, and a gift she shared with many.

I’ve inherited her talent for baking & cooking and dragged my hand-written recipes in two pretty blue recipe boxes with me on the road everywhere. “Oh, what are those, you say? I’ll explain later”… but it’s something that us “old broads” used before Pinterest, Tasty and All Recipes came along.

Staying healthy and fit as a travel nurse was challenging but the real challenge was when you’re constantly fighting menopause, genetics and the burning desire to eat every sweet thing available in a 25-100-mile radius. Under Recipe Box you will find healthy recipes and some that are bad as hell for the waste-line and for that reason I will rate them (Very Good, Good, and Oh shit, Hide the Scale!).

Now put your feet up, grab a glass or cup of your favorite beverage, maybe a pastry or a handful of kale…(gag, cough, sputter) “Oh, stop…I like green leafies just like next person but just not that “K” one…okay?” (big stupid grin)

But seriously, I hope you find inspiration, joy, and a little laughter here like I found during my visits with Gma. No matter how our lives may differ, we all have a path and those we meet along the way that ultimately drives us to our present and final destinations.

Do Your Dream!