Gma’s Pod Tour

In 2018, I completely downsized from a 5-bedroom, 3000 sq.ft. home and multi-income property to 200 sq. ft. of living space. This space once was part of a small efficiency apartment and our family business office, then converted to a one-room school room during my children’s homeschooling years and later became my art studio.

Now it has become my co-housing/co-living “Gma (Grandma) Pod, that I share with my daughter’s family. As a baby boomer and grandma, I now spend more time creating in my art studio and writing my blog and less time working on the road as a travel nurse.

I share some living area necessities like a bathroom, laundry area, and running water but I also have my own entrance and live independently from my daughter’s family.

I enjoy the companionship and security of their presence while spending more time with my two grandsons.

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